Houses & homes is a summer series in which Bwog highlights the windows of CU students wherever they are. Today’s house and home is brought to you by Alma Bagel Amara Banks. Submit your view and five senses to to be featured!

Edit, 8/20, 3 pm: A previous version of this post mistakenly identified our Bagel’s home as New Jersey when it is, in fact, Battery Park. Apologies to our readers for the confusion and to Amara for thinking she’d have such bad taste.

Where: Further downtown than most Columbia students travel (a.k.a. Battery Park.)

Sight: Everyone’s favorite state in the country, New Jersey.

Water & sky

Sound: Faint Spectrum News from the living room. Someone (probably my brother) going in on his electric toothbrush in the bathroom.

Smell: Vacuumed carpet, bath gel, mother’s perfume.

Touch: Ma fluffy bed :-) Good morning.

Taste: Peanut M&M morning breath. I passed out PMSing with chocolate in my mouth & Clueless on the TV. Gross? Ok.

Photo via Amara