Staff Writer Vivian Zhou really loves Marlow Bistro, so she wrote them a love letter. This post was not sponsored by Marlow Bistro. 

To Marlow Bistro–

a delicious dinner at Marlow

This is my open love letter to you. People always tell me that love is the strongest feeling in the world, but I have yet to find a person to make me feel as emotionally charged as your food does. We both live in one of the largest food hubs in the world. I’ve met many others who are more sophisticated, more well-known, and more exquisite. But I don’t love you for your exclusivity or your fame. Love, to me, is not a Michelin-starred chef or an array of amuse-bouches. Fine dining is nice, but I will never feel at home amongst lowered voices and the deafening silence broken by the clattering of knives against fine china. I do feel at home with your fairy lights and wooden tables. I feel at home with you.

To me, you are the embodiment of a first love– simple, intimate, comforting, and unforgettable. I will never forget the many nights I spent sitting alone at the bar, feeling the warmth of friendly barside chatter. I will never forget the first time I tried a Neopolitan pizza with goat cheese and blueberry– a daring concept, but extremely well-executed. You have repeatedly surprised me with your bold and diverse flavors. I don’t want the fancy cutlery or persistent table service. I want your authenticity, and I admire you for sticking to what you do best: making delicious food.

scallops with beetroot salsa

I have never been disappointed by any dish at Marlow. In fact, I’ve been repeatedly impressed. The grilled octopus appetizer was cooked to a perfect consistency, and I think about it all the time even though the last time I had it was half a year ago. The scallops with the beetroot salsa was a match made in heaven that nobody could have expected. The duck tortellini was a brave concept, but the sauce was some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Having been to many cities in Italy, I still think you would put many Italian restaurants out of business. I admire you for your fearlessness and creativity, but I admire you even more for executing it perfectly.

yum !

A simple concept, really. A neighborhood homey Italian bistro amongst the stiff, preoccupied MoHi residents. A sense of belonging in the vapid emptiness that is New York City. A blessing to the Barnumbia community. Dining with you has been my greatest pleasure and never fails to make even the most horrible of my days better. You make me want to come back every day, and my wallet hates you for it.

Never change. I will never tip less than 20% for you. Say hi to Chef Radojcic for me (he doesn’t know me but I follow him on Instagram). If you’re looking for me, I’ll be having some goat cheese pizza.

Love always,


Marlow’s Creations via Vivian Zhou