It does not get better than this

Happening in the World: The annual Castellers festival is occurring in Spain. In this festival, people make human towers and walk around in their human tower formation (USA Today).

Happening in the US: Trump is planning a meeting on Thursday to discuss with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. This meeting, according to Trump, will determine whether he will fire Rosenstein (US News).

Happening in NYC: A man in the Bronx got into a fight with a worker in a deli and then proceeded to light the establishment on fire, answering the question “what would you do for a Klondike Bar?” (NBC New York).


Happening on Campus: Author Alexander Lukin is coming to campus to speak about his book “China and Russia: the New Rapprochement” from 12 to 1:30 in room 1219 of the International Affairs building. He will examine these relations as a result of strained US relations and the Cold War.

Something to Brighten Your Day: Rupaul’s Drag Race: the ultimate cinematic event. Hilarious queens, fierce fashion, and overall insanity. Nothing makes me feel better than watching someone lip sync for their life, knowing that I will never be able to do that because some of us are not athletically inclined. Watch it with your friends, your bae, your mo, your granddad, Prezbo, fun for the whole family

Photo 1 via Wikipedia Commons, photo 2 also  Wikipedia Commons