Pygymy goats are bhaaaaad bhabies

Happening in the World: Women in China are utilizing social media, especially Weibo, to speak out against sexual assault in China. These women are working around Chinese internet censorship and creating a movement for themselves (USA Today).

Happening in the US: After reporting to Congress months ago, Christine Blasey Ford has come out to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. She is now willing to testify against Kavanaugh (CNN).

Happening in NYC: Two goats were found walking along the tracks of the above-ground N in Brooklyn because they’re BAAAAAAHHHHHDDDD boys. They were strolling
between Fort Hamilton and New Utrecht until the police were able to catch them (NBC New York).

Happening on Campus: Rudina Hajdari from the Albanian Democratic Party is coming to campus today at 6 in the Foreign Affairs Building in room 1201. She will be talking about the future of the Balkans in the age of Putin and Trump.

A Movie Suggestion for All, From a Student of Film: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: the Long Haul (yes, the one with the new Rodrick). I can, and will, tell you it is a work of cinematic perfection. Charlie Wright’s performance as the new Rodrick rivals no other. His humor comes not from the written script, but his acting prowess of strange facial expressions–as well as the wardrobe of a “punk” twelve-year-old girl and the awkward haircut. Rating: 11/10

Photo via Public Domain Pictures