Bwog meetings putting an appropriate end to a Bwog weekend

In a shocking twist, this week’s field notes are not entirely centered around binge drinking. Nevertheless, Bwog still found ways to have memorable, regrettable, field notes-able weekends. Send in your field notes to for a feature!

Bwog in (and out of) love

  • Skipped stats to meet with my crush to find out he has a girlfriend
  • Interviewed with a Tinder match
  • Traveled to Denver for a wedding, spent lots of time drunk/high/”managing” difficult family members
  • Despite aforementioned wedding shenanigans managed to hook up with the crunchiest, most granola guy ever
  • Sexiled myself because my roommate was too nice to do it
  • Googled “how to flirt” in the middle of a party. Was still unsuccessful at flirting.
  • Went to a concert for one of my favorite bands only to run into my ex
  • thought that a girl was taking me back to her place only to find out that she was actually heading to another guy’s room
  • Awkwardly met part of my ex’s family for the first time
  • Shared frozen margaritas with my friends.

Bwog at peace

  • Went to far rockaway beach
  • Traveled upstate for a necessary city cleanse (also, a mandatory fun retreat)
  • Froze my ass off swimming in a glacial lake
  • Watched some guy wave around his inflatable chair-thing for a solid 5 minutes in Central Park instead of sitting in the dirt like literally everyone else
  • Walked through riverside park barefoot during sunset (am trying not to think about the questionable things I may or may not have stepped in)
  • Sat down for 4 hours and figured out what I’m actually going to do with my life (at least in terms of what major I’m declaring).
  • Made penis-shaped chocolate-chip cookies

Bwog networks

  • Went to a birthday party in Bushwick where i saw a lot of Media People who i didnt know existed outside of twitter
  • Became a Victoria’s Secret Pink rep and was given free merch!
  • Crashed an NYU finance PhD party where I ended up playing stack cup with a bunch of guys from New Zealand.
  • Went to a parcel discussion about memes in Queens.
  • Had a really rad conversation at a party w/ someone from Massachusetts about the state legislature primaries that just took place
  • Took a vegan to Mel’s
  • Went to Bushwick w youngweon, met some wonderful wonderful NYU Local alums, and had 5 brownies at the party <3
  • Successfully got on 1st name terms with two professors (who are married) AND their child
  • Bought art from some NYU students juuling in Washington Square Park
  • Networking, networking, networking

Photo via Bwog Staff