A gem hidden in plain sight, the renovated Lerner elevators are the ideal housing in this New York summer heat. Equipped with air conditioning, mobility, and a dedication to minimalist design, these new elevators are worth every time we had to take the stairs due to “modernization.” 

Location: 2920 Broadway, on 115th & accessible from both campus and Broadway making it one of the few buildings where you enter (relatively) on the 1st floor

Nearby dorms: Carman Hall, 114th Brownstones, and Furnald

Stores and restaurants: Morton Williams is right across the street, but you can eat within just a few steps at Cafe East and Ferris Booth Commons. You don’t need stores when you can just use what students accidentally drop on the ground – bandages, cellphones, IDs, grapes from the grape & cheese salad.

Cost: Officially, this space is free! However, you do technically pay $56,608 to access the building. Unfortunately, rent cannot be split with roommate.


  • Bathrooms: Communal and hidden throughout the maze that is Lerner.
  • AC/Heating: While AC and heating are available, they are controlled centrally but this means you don’t have to hear any weird radiator noises.
  • Storage: Elevators contain a control panel that you can keep a few items in, like wrappers. Otherwise, bring your own storage.
  • Kitchen: No need for a kitchen with Ferris nearby!
  • Lounge: The entire space is a studio. The room is the lounge and vice versa, however you are able to access the piano lounge and student centers with the push of a button.
  • Laundry: Carman’s laundry room is accessible with your CUID.
  • Computers/Printers: While not ensuite, Lerner has computer labs on floors 2E and 4E.
  • Gym: The stairs.
  • Transportation: The entire dorm is transportation, though slow moving.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: The marble-esque hard material floors are quite nice and new. Used to be ugly carpet.
  • Wi-Fi: Yes, though reliability is questionable.
  • Miscellaneous: You may sometimes encounter protesters.

Room Variety:

There is only one room and it is the elevator.


There are currently 2 studio elevators in operation. Another is being modernized so keep an eye out for that during the housing lottery!

Bwog Recommendation:

  • If you’re trying to beat the heat, beat the class rush (there are no other residents of Lerner besides the rats ,who are not enrolled in or affiliated with the school), and get the savviest and most recently renovated dorm, look no further.
  • Though there are inconveniences–as most utilities are not ensuite–the give and take of this puts it at equal competition with Schapiro or McBain doubles.
  • We predict that the highly sought amenities will mean that these rooms will go quick in the housing lottery.

Resident Opinions:

  • When asked for testimonies, the rats of Lerner scurried away into the dark and menacing hallways, presumably reporting our presence to their king.


Photos via Bwog Staff and Bwog Archive