Tried to use Tinder for investigative journalism…guess *that* was a bad idea! (shoutout to my former LitHum classmate)

While Bumble is boppin’ (shoutout to the campus Bumble ambassadors and their free Mel’s drink tickets), Tinder still remains ever-present at Columbia. Because, as Pitbull sings in the song “Timber” (which Bwog thinks should be called Tinder), who wouldn’t want to make a night you don’t remember with a person you don’t forget (but want to forget)?!

As we all know, our college population (especially undergrad) isn’t the largest, which increases the probability that you’ll physically run into any person you match with on a dating app. In fact, Tinder’s new “Tinder U” feature is only available to college students, decreasing your chances of making it through college unscathed. As such, Bwog decided to ask Columbia students about their cringiest Tinder run-in’s to determine what scenario was the cringiest of them all! Here are their responses:

  • “My alumni interviewer and I had matched on Tinder the day before and he began the interview by asking me if he knew me from somewhere while I proceeded to run to the bathroom and unmatch him.”
  • “In the first week of freshman year I matched with unnamed Beta guy on Tinder and he asked me to their party so I went but he was being boring so I asked another Tinder match to come…TURNS OUT THEY WERE SUITEMATES! The other guy came and introduced me to the first Tinder match and I was like yes…I know him.”
  • “I have three matches in my CC class…talk about constant cringe.”
  • “Last Saturday night, I saw a Tinder match from freshman year on a random roof in Chinatown.”
  • “Matched with a girl on Tinder the first night I arrived…guess who turned out to be my RA?”
  • “A guy on my floor and I had matched and we both didn’t acknowledge it until he started drunk calling me, drunk Tinder messaging me, and knocking on my door within the span of an hour.”
  • “In Butler after studying next to each other for three hours…he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was his Tinder match…now I’m scared every time I go to Butler.”
  • “I matched with one guy and we were talking a lot but I stopped replying. I went to see a play last semester, sat in the first row, and he was the main character. A few weeks ago, I auditioned for a play and he was in my scene NOT ONLY during auditions but also during callbacks.”
  • “Matched with one of the main meme posters on columbia buy sell memes…now I cringe every time I see his memes (do Internet interactions count?)”
  • “He was my RA’s best friend and was visiting him….I was later sent a Snapchat video of him asking why his Tinder match had to be his friend’s resident.”
  • “Last year, the John Jay elevators kept breaking down, and we were trapped together for over an hour…I just kept trying to not make eye contact.”
  • “Turned out that he was the president of a club I was interviewing for…I now have to go to weekly meetings and pretend nothing ever happened.”
  • Him: “where do u go to school?”
    Me: “I go to Columbia”
    Him: “I’m Cuban ;)”
    Me: “haha cool”
    Him: “but I asked where you go to school…”

Think you have a story that’s more cringeworthy than the ones above? Feel free to comment or email about it!