What freshmen look like walking into International to buy Smirnoff.

NSOP is over, which means a lot of upperclassmen have seen freshmen do very ridiculous things! Bwog asked around and compiled a list, so here you go:

  • Throwing a shoe into an EC door to keep it open and check if there was a party (FYI, just ended up being four seniors sitting in their dorm)
  • Saying no one has to go outside in the winter because of the tunnels
  • Openly drinking wine in a floor lounge and then being caught by the RA on duty
  • Hiding in Carman closets while the RA tries to shut down a floor party
  • Walking into the John Jay lounge and asking if the piano is fake

  • Asking if the NSOP LitHum class impacts their participation grade
  • Asking if they’re allowed to walk off of campus during NSOP
  • Losing a fake ID and having a picture of it posted in the 2022 GroupMe so it could be properly returned
  • Claiming that they were actually rejected at NYU (if that’s true, we’re labelling it yield protection)
  • Trying to steal a girl’s boyfriend from her at 1020 (what a power move)
  • Reaching over the Ferris dessert case to get some chocolate cake instead of just waiting to be served
  • Posting a mirror selfie in the 2022 GroupMe to prove they were “actually here at practice”
  • Calling facilities to put on the nonexistent AC
  • “But what about Hewitt’s health rating?”
  • “All of the OL’s remind me of minions in their yellow shirts”
  • “What is the fight song?” “There’s a college on a hilltop”

Image via Bwog Archives.