Need some party hats to go along with that beer? In that case, you may end up here…

About to throw a rager? Passionate about viewing merchandise with no labeled prices? Investigating how party supply stores can have a mere two-star rating? If any of these are the case, you may end up at Columbia’s oddly expensive party store, Party and More!

While the shop’s storefront promotes gifts, toys, cards, and wireless accessories, Bwog knows the wild, shocking truth. In fact, we’re going to pull a TMZ, so here’s the tea: Party and More is much “more” than a party store…IT’S SECRETLY HAUNTED!

Before you deny our claims, hear us out. First of all, half of the items in the store are too high up for any normal sized human to reach. Even a superhuman like Spider-Man wouldn’t be able to reach the supplies, as there isn’t enough free wall space for him to cling to. As such, the highest supplies could only be reached by something that could fly…like ghosts!

Next, the cashier’s pedestal is so high up that he towers over any human in sight. It’s almost as if he needs to assert dominance over something above him. Perhaps he feels frightened by the spirits lurking above his head?

Additionally, multiple items in the store are missing prices. While others may attribute this to carelessness, Bwog believes that these items are either being reserved for some spiritual shindig or are being sold to those who do not adhere to America’s monetary system. As Columbia Econ majors can tell you, it’s all about supplying to meet demand…

To conclude, this proves that while you should never judge a book by its cover, you should judge a store by its name. Who knows what you’ll find!

party and what’s more? via Zack Abrams