Tell me this isn’t just the cutest lil store interior you’ve ever seen.

ShopHop is a new series featuring different shops around the Morningside Heights community, from little-known stores to Columbia staples. This ShopHop focuses on Flowers by Valli, a conveniently-located store that provides all the decorative plants you might need.

Nestled among the traditional MoHi mainstays of Community Food & Juice and The Heights, Flowers by Valli brings a smell of roses and a spot of the green in the intersection of 112th and Broadway.

The shop provides a variety of colorful plants for purchase, most notably an extensive section of trendy cacti and succulents (see below). Other types of plants sold include:

  • Sunflower stems
  • Jade plants
  • $5.75 bouquets
  • Hanging plants
  • String of pearls plants

Although the shop owner could not be reached for comment, one of the workers, George, is usually behind the counter and incredibly nice to talk to. If you buy a plant, George will be also wrap your plant in cute lil’ wrapping paper decorated with red rosebuds.

Because the wholesomeness and absolute beauty of this shop cannot be quite depicted in words, here is a wonderful gallery of the kinds of products you may find in the shop:

Photos via Bwogger