Would rather do a neighborhood tour in Prezbo’s Audi

Columbia knows you probably got way too drunk on Voda last night, regardless of whether you actually found a party to go to. That’s why today’s activities are mostly optional, so welcome to the neighborhood tours! Before you say, “I’ve got four whole years to go to all these places!”: No, you don’t. If you don’t go to Brooklyn now, you will never go to Brooklyn. So pick a tour, any tour, and enjoy the penultimate day of NSOP. 

Today’s Highlights:

  • Neighborhood tours, all day: Go out there, beyond the confines of Morningside Heights. From Coney Island to the Cloisters, now’s your chance to see all the city actually has to offer. Or, you know, not, since these are 100% optional.
  • International Students and Allies Mixer/Black Students and Allies Mixer, 2-3 pm/3-4 pm: Get to know more of your fellow students and work on making those #friendsforlife! Find another “interesting fact about you” for another group of people you might never talk to again!
  • The Columbia Amazing Race, 10 pm – 12 am: Join the Residence Hall Leadership Organization (RHLO) to play the Columbia Amazing Race throughout campus! Learn about Columbia hidden gems and complete exciting tasks to finish the race!

One thing to do before graduation: Find a genuinely reliable place to store your “everyday valuables” (phone, CUID, wallet) that’s easily accessible and also not around your neck! By never losing your ID, you’re saving yourself at least twenty dollars. This will be the only thing for which future you will thank NSOP you.

From the archives: The Weeknd was spotted on campus! Hopefully he’ll return – If homeboy comes through with Bella Hadid, he could like, get it.