If you’re like me and need validation from the psychic unknown to feel like you’ve got a solid grip on your life, welcome. Midterms can be stressful, so here are some healing crystals that will positively change your experience as you go through hell week.

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  • Clear Quartz. Arguably the most reliable crystal, the clear quartz is dubbed as a “master healer,” good for storing and absorbing all kinds of energy, be it stress or not. It also assists in the retention of information and improves focus (to help you power through that all-nighter at Butler).
  • Honey Calcite. This crystal enhances confidence and combats anxiety. Its calming effect helps stop you from overthinking all the work you haven’t done yet.
  • Amethyst. The amethyst is a stress reliever, promoting strength and inner peace. It is associated with the crown chakra (located at the top of the head), promoting meditation and calm thoughts. It is truly the wholesome boi of the crystal world.
  • Rose Quartz. If you’re a hopeless romantic struggling during this tough week, try a rose quartz. It is the love stone and the crystal of compassion, with healing properties that will help in your search for love this season. More importantly, the stone’s gentle energy lets you realize your own need for compassion, washing out toxic energies and emotions inside you (self-care is the best care amirite).
  • Carnelian. This is one of the most powerful stones, promoting endurance, leadership, courage, and creativity. The carnelian allows its owner to take a look at life from a new perspective, channeling inventive energy perfect for a hot new take on that 8 paged lit paper.

Photo via Sam