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Everything To Know About e’s Bar

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e’s Bar had their highly anticipated grand opening night last Thursday and is stepping in to fill the void left by Amigos. We here at Bwog had some curiosities, as we do, so we asked them some questions and got some answers. (The interview has been lightly edited for readability.) 

Bwog: Who is e and why is their name not capitalized?
e’s: There are two e’s: Erin and Ethan, [the] owners. [The] little “e” is a graphic design choice.

B: How do you think e’s Bar can distinguish itself from Hex & Co, a similar board game cafe and bar across Broadway?
e: e’s is a bar with a full kitchen and full liquor license. We are 21 and over at all times. e’s bar is an addictively casual, yet upscale atmosphere with an eclectic mix of patrons all socializing beautifully. we are a friendly, neighborhood bar.

B: The UWS e’s location has a chiller vibe for maybe an older crowd; are you worried about drunk, rowdy college students? In what ways is the Columbia location different from the UWS e’s?
e: We anticipate our Morningside Heights location capturing the same crowd plus Columbia and Barnard undergrads that are over 21, graduate students, faculty and staff. We are not concerned about drunk, rowdy college students. There is nothing like a local pub for debate and discussion and [we] anticipate Columbia students around a table with a burger and beer.

B: This is a rather board game bar-specific question, but what do you do when drunk college students (or anyone else, for that matter) lose board game pieces?
e: Our host team goes through every board game each day to organize them and make sure everything is intact. We keep extra pieces in stock at all times. As guests finish playing games, the host team helps to clear the game and properly put it back together and on the shelf. That said, we do hope people will help us and take care of the games. We let everyone play for free!

B: Is there a reason or logic behind the music choice?
e: We play rock music from 1960 to 1999 and this is an intentional business decision. Our concept is a nod to some of the most iconic New York City bars: CBGBs, Mars Bar, P&G. Sadly those bars have slipped away and we intend to keep their spirit alive.

B: Will you hire student bartenders?
e: We have several current Columbia students and alumni working at e’s!

B: How would you describe your cuisine?
e: The menu noshes are mouthwatering. We are known for our grassfed e’s burger, which we offer for $5 during happy hour Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 7 pm. If you need something cripsy to go with your beverage, choose shishito peppers or the cup 0’ crisp green beans. There are plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options. Fish tacos, mac-n-cheese balls…basically the best bar food around.

B: Any specific theme night ideas?
e: We host trivia nights, karaoke nights, election parties, ugly sweater parties, Halloween (this Gaturday 27th DJ/karaoke/costume contest) – lots of fun events throughout the year!

B: Why did you choose to open a location by Columbia?
e: We feel we fill a void in the Morningside Heights community. e’s bar is a neighborhood joint with good food, good drinks, fun games and smiling people.

B: e’s Bar closes relatively early compared to other nearby bars (e.g. 1020, Mel’s, The Heights); are there any plans to stay open later?
e: Our liquor license goes until 4 am; however, we choose to close at 2 am. the type of partying that often happens between 2 am and 4 am is something we purposely steer away from.

B: e’s Bar occupies the space where Amigos previously was; how do you plan on overcoming some of the struggles that Amigos faced, especially regarding the lease itself?
e: Restaurants and bars have different business models, so we will not face the same challenges. In regards to the lease, we negotiated a new lease and would not have taken the location if the deal did not make sense for our business.

e’s BAR via Youngweon Lee

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