can’t believe such a beautiful stadium had to experience such a loss :'(

Last weekend: Homecoming. Parent’s Weekend. Bwog drank together. Yet another bar opened in Morningside Heights. Even though we may have lost the big game, mixing alcohol, sports, and families together created quite the weekend for Bwog. Send in your weekend shenanigans to to be featured!

Bwog is Wholesome/Spends Time with Family

  • Took my mom to eat at Ferris and she went on to gush about how amazing Columbia dining halls are
  • Hung out with my mom! twice! and taught her how to use venmo! demonstrated by venmoing myself money!!!
  • Called my mom a lyft because she insisted on getting here by herself and the 1 skipped 116th (so she says) and she didn’t get off until 137th and got very, very lost.
  • Had my parents bring me a space heater because I don’t trust CU Facilities to keep me warm.
  • Went to American Son with my mom and met Ava Duvernay there
  • Went to Mass at a nice little progressive parish near Union Square in order to clear my head and reconnect with my ~spiritual~ side; ended up crying on the way home bc I’m a big softie who can’t handle any kind of introspection
  • Hung out w the guy from the bumble article I wrote (haha wholesome)
  • For one brief, shining moment was the top of a 4-layer human pyramid.
  • Tried to plant SWS fliers on the chairs in the Diana event oval in order to propagandize to parents but got stopped by public safety before I could finish the deed
  • Finally finished all my midterms!!
  • Studied in Butler all day because I had a dream about it.
  • Found out that there are lights you can turn on in the stacks!!!
  • Got a new duvet cover that makes me feel like a princess
  • Watched like 20 episodes of crimmy minds
  • Went out for a birthday dinner w/ my sister…ended up covered in pop rocks

Bwog and Homecoming “Spirit”

  • Went to my first homecoming game to realize how spiritless Columbia is
  • Slept through homecoming
  • Took care of my roommate while she was drunk all day for homecoming.
  • Depression-napped through pretty much all HoCo stuff, dissociated entirely (oops), and accidentally wandered to Columbus Circle. Had an opportunity to ruminate about pretty much everything all the way there and all the way back!!
  • Took a break from Homecoming festivities to go grocery shopping at 10 pm.
  • Played rugby at Princeton instead of going to hoco bc at least rugby is a real sport
  • Sat down in the middle of the field and cried but then got up a scored a second later

Bwog Probably Needs To Stop Drinking and Hooking Up

  • Went to the weirdest frat party ever in EC
  • Hooked up with an Aries sun, Virgo moon, Sagittarius rising man and was more concerned about his birth chart than the fact that he’s 29
  • Had a v successful Drinking With Bwog; ate too many edibles, did too many tequila shots, blacked tf out at 1020, and then had multiple chicken parm sandwiches at JJ’s
  • Realized that alcohol is poison.
  • Dealt with my hangover early on Saturday morning by throwing up a bit, downing Pepto Bismol, and doing vodka shots.
  • Went to E’s, where my friend table danced and fell off the table, creating a big scene
  • Spent Friday night drinking too much sangria w/ my friends and playing settlers of Catan
  • Walked most of the way to 1020, then realized maybe I should go sleep, actually, and walked back home.
  • Filled a travel coffee mug with Svedka and drank it while watching CU Players’ rendition of the Great Gatsby (which was amazing!!!).
  • Got multiple free drinks at e’s grand opening by showing the free drink Instagram post to different bartenders.
  • Hooked up with my ex.
  • Moshed on a Wednesday
  • Had some rando from California fall in love with me because I extensively complimented his jacket
  • Ran into my high school crush who doesn’t go to Columbia at Columbia law
  • Spent 10 straight hours in the room of the guy I recently rejected watching romantic comedies together

Bonus: Bwog Realizes Shit, And Loses Some Shit

  • (Controversial): decided that pineapples on pizza are A+
  • Lost my Juul