Ridwan appearing as character Dave Kim on “The Goldbergs.”

Staff Writer Danielle Mikaelian recently sat down with Kenny Ridwan, CC ’21, an actor from Los Angeles who currently appears on ABC’s hit series “The Goldbergs.” Throughout the years, Kenny has also acted in various shows like “House of Lies,” “Perception,” “Bones,” “Modern Family,” “The Middle,” and “The Thundermans.”

Fun Fact: Danielle and Kenny met at the Los Angeles sendoff, proving that Columbia sponsored events can lead to future interactions.


Kenny Ridwan, 2021, Los Angeles, Creative Writing/History

Most famous actor/actress that you’ve met?

Charlie Sheen

Role model?

Again, Charlie Sheen…just kidding. Actually, it’s Abe Lincoln. I think it’s pretty cool how he didn’t even go to college and became president.

Why those majors?

Just ended up that way! Both majors are great for anyone wanting to go to law school. I’m hoping to go to law school in LA so I can pursue entertainment law and continue acting.

How did you get into acting?

My goal was to be the Asian Tom Cruise.

Have you always wanted to act?

No, I didn’t always want to act! Before, when I started acting, I was eleven…and wanted to be a doctor.

Do you ever get recognized and what is that like? Any stories?

Yes, I was recognized a few times last year at East Campus parties…and nothing kills your fun worse than someone coming up to you in the middle of a dark, crowded room and asking for a Snapchat video.

Any secret perks of working with Nickelodeon?

Most TV shows give you a gift at the end of the season! For instance, I was on the Nickelodeon show “The Thundermans” and they gave me a super cool Patagonia jacket. It’s a really nice keepsake.

Any strange audition stories?

I went in for a cowboy role once and did it normally the first time…then the producers talked for a bit and decided to have me to do a country accent. I started doing it and they asked me to stop halfway through…*cringe*

Favorite role?

The role I probably have the most personal connection with is my one on “The Goldbergs.” However, in regard to my favorite role, it would be my character on “Perception” when I played a high schooler who had just smoked weed for the first time and was constantly shoving food into his mouth. I spit the food out after every take because it was just too much for any person to consume.

Dream role?

To be a series regular on any sitcom!

What’s your work/school balance like?

Flying back and forth is hard, but in reality, you can still do your work. The hardest part is the time change. I flew back three weeks out of four in September and probably will be flying out for another two weekends in October. But, you know…MILEAGE PLAN!

Any projects you’re specifically looking forward to?

Just started another season on the Goldbergs! Plus I’m writing some other stuff that I’m hoping to get produced this summer…stay tuned!

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