fly me to the moooooooooooooooon

Happening in the World: Brazil has withdrawn their offer to host a major U.N. climate change conference next year because of their current economic constraints. This has led many environmental groups to worry about Brazil’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, especially since the country is the 7th largest emitter of greenhouse gases (NPR).

Happening in the US: NASA has selected nine companies to compete for contracts worth about $2.6 billion over the next ten years to take small robotic payloads to the moon. These missions would pave the way for an eventual return of humans to the moon and flights could start as soon as next year (NY Times).

Happening in NYC: This weekend, fliers will get a taste of LaGuardia Airport’s $8 billion dollar makeover with the opening of the new Terminal B concourse. It will open on Saturday, featuring several new shops and 11 new gates (NY Post).

Happening on Campus: Dancers from Barnard and Columbia are returning this weekend to New York Live Arts for their annual performance! There will be performances tonight at 7:30 pm, tomorrow at 2 pm, and tomorrow at 7:30 pm. Although tickets are currently sold out, you can still sign up for the waitlist.

Bop of the Day:

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