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Field Notes: Post-Fall Break But Pre-Thanksgiving Limbo Edition

literally all of us right now

Bwog recounts their weekend after a short two-day post-fall break week. As you can predict, chaos ensued…

Bwog is Sick and Tired :'(

  • Slept all day Saturday. Like, all day.
  • Had over 13 hours of sleep and watched all of Orel Moral, highly recommend
  • Stayed in on Friday night to “catch up on sleep” but ended up on Netflix till 4am
  • Attended a med school biochemistry lecture and didn’t fall asleep, and also I think I learned something!
  • Didn’t really leave my room that much this entire weekend
  • Caught a cold :(
  • Cried for most of UPMUNC
  • Chugged Emergen-C during meeting and had an orange afterwards to prevent myself from being more sick :(
  • Got sick >:(
  • Got up at 3 PM
  • Depression napped all day Sunday despite my exam and lab on Monday and literally only got out of bed to go to meeting. :’)

Bwog is Tipsy 

  • Had my first hangover as a 21 year old.
  • Got far too drunk from margaritas at El Porton.
  • Got lectured at 3AM on Saturday by a Carman security guard. He didn’t tell us not to drink alcohol, but that we had to hide it better
  • Drunk texted an old hookup. yikes
  • Got drunk on good wine.
  • Went to 1020 and kept my promise to myself about not drinking any liquor at all… and then ended up doing coke in the bathroom. That still counts as staying sober, yeah?
  • Drank my last bottle of wine from the summer…it was in an unlabeled dark bottle and I have never felt classier in my life
  • Did no work at all, saw some bwoggers at 1020 on sat night & watched a Bwogger knock over an entire table of drinks
  • I knocked the table of drinks over WHILE SOBER

Bwog and Being Studious

  • Studied in Butler for the first time since October of my freshman year and was immediately reminded of why I haven’t studied in Butler since October of my freshman year.
  • Got so! much! work! done! Two papers, a problem set, and multiple hundreds of pages of reading—all finished.
  • Was nudged towards the path of getting research positions through nepotism by my advisor. The “I’d like to have a career” part of my brain is all for it, but the 1% of my brain with a conscience is conflicted. I can’t decide if that philosophy class would make such a conflict better or worse.
  • Went on a fieldtrip to navy yard w my design class on friday. got caught in the rain and had to Walk 30 minutes to the subway with no umbrella. soaking wet is un understatement.
  • Went to the ballet and my econ professor sat behind me but she has no idea who i am cause i never go to class
  • Decided to not be pre-med!
  • Wrote a 10 page formal draft in two days consisting almost exclusively of quotation.
  • Procrastinated on scholarship essays that are due at the end of this month

Bwog and Wholesome Moments

  • Took my friend out for a wholesome birthday dinner in East Village and paid way too much for a mediocre pork belly dish for two.
  • Had a wholesome pizza date w/ one of my friends
  • Let my best friend cut my hair. the barnard chop is real.
  • Was emotionally tortured with a song about my hometown. First-year homesickness is real.
  • A random kid i went to middle school with replied something uncalled for on my snapchat story so i just blocked him.
  • Sat on a big rock in Central Park with Jordan and a rat.
  • Finally met up with a friend from high school who goes to Baruch but lives on 96th street, a whole 3 subway stops away from here
  • Had a chill night watching Sex and the City with my girls and stole about 1/3 of JJs food supply for our movie snacks
  • Quality family time
  • Last-minute decided to stay in philly all weekend with my friend
  • Discovered there were two more sections of a philosophy class I thought I couldn’t fit in!

Bwog and Love(…?)

  • Went out to a super fancy restaurant with my boyfriend for our six monthaversary.
  • Some guy got salty at me after I refused to go all the way to jersey to fuck him…bitch, I don’t have time for that shit
  • Liked my ex’s first instagram post since our break up and she blocked me legitimately five minutes later.
  • Blacked out at my friend’s birthday party at her sister’s apartment by the WTC, somehow got back on the subway (I don’t remember how)
  • Fell in love with a 17 year old called Ishaan
  • Proposed to Ishaan
  • Cuddled and kissed my ex all weekend. Threw money at her while holding her legs up to twerk on me with Rihanna playing loudly in my Jj single around noon
  • Went on my first Tinder date in a year to this guy’s hotel room in SoHo and had a great time! He was cute and great but is now back in London :(
  • Braved Times Square during a downpour to meet my gf for dinner.
  • Met a girl I matched with on tinder. she said she enjoyed killing the mice for her research project
  • Had the most random person profess their love for me. Was stunned into silence.

Bwogger: anyone else feel an insane amount of chaotic energy this weekend?)

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    @gs master race is this the same degenerate cokehead from like 2 weeks ago or this a different degenerate cokehead

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