Only a couple of weeks after Columbia was named the #1 college for food by The Daily Meal, sophomore Beth Whittier allegedly found a thumbtack in a potato dish from Ferris. Posted on Columbia Buy Sell memes this Sunday, Beth’s photos depict a clear thumbtack underneath potato remnants, next to a side of scrambled eggs and ketchup.

According to a conversation with Bwog, Beth told us that she had eaten at Ferris on a Friday when she found that John Jay, the dining hall she usually frequents, was closed. Beth had accidentally already started eating the potatoes before she had realized the presence of the thumbtack.

We have so…many….questions. First and foremost, how did the thumbtack get there? Is this an alt-right conspiracy against Columbia students? Do we all need to be checking our Ferris dishes before we eat them? Why do the potatoes look so perturbingly gray in that photo? While Bwog might not have all the answers to these questions, we’ll make sure to keep you updated as this story progresses.

Photo via Beth Whittier