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A Very Brief Interview With PrezBo

Not pictured: the massive John Singer Sargent painting.

For the last session of his annual political science lecture, Freedom of Speech and Press, University President Lee Bollinger invites the class over to a cookies-and-cider reception in his immense castle. After watching PrezBo talk civil liberties in class twice a week all semester, Bwoggers Zoe Sottile, Sarah Harty, and Sarah Kinney stopped by the president’s palace to ask him some questions. 

  1. Do you read Bwog?
    1. “Yes, well – people send it to me. And then I read it.”
  2. What are your favorite buildings on Columbia’s campus?
    1. Lenfest Center for the Arts and the Jerome L. Green Science Center up at Manhattanville. (#gentrification)
  3. If you had to pick one finger to keep, which would it be?
    1. “My thumb.”
      1. Which thumb?
        1. “Oh, God. My right thumb.”
  4. What’s your favorite music?
    1. “It’s very private.”
      1. Did you get a Spotify wrapped?
        1. “No, I use Apple Music.”

Blurry image via Bwogstaff.

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