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Barnard Class of 2023 Early Decision Results Are Out!

this will be for all of you next august :’)

Get ready for those bold, beautiful Barnard 2023 Instagram posts and bios. Barnard’s early decision results for the class of 2023 were released today at 6 PM.

Barnard has seen an increase in early decision applications throughout the past five years. Last year, 993 early decision applications were submitted, which was a 6% increase from those submitted by the class of 2021. This year, a whopping 1235 applications were received, an increase of 24% from last year’s already elevated number. The incoming accepted students are from 35 states and 31 different countries. Seven athletes accepted in the class of 2023 last night are recruited athletes who will play for Columbia sports in the fall of 2019.

did you guys get the eye mask?? is that still a thing??

To any pre-frosh reading this: Congratulations! We cannot wait to see you all come into your own as , as your new (and kind of weird) admissions packets state, “louder, stronger, bolder” people.

Rush Bwog 2019!

Barnard gates photo by Eva Sher

Class of 2023 admissions packets via Barnard Admissions Instagram

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