this baby is doing a better job studying than i am

Bwoglines: Children are returning to school this week in Anchorage, Alaska following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit the city on November 3oth. Parents worry about aftershocks as their children return to school, especially considering much of the initial damage still needs repairing. State support for Anchorage schools has decreased in recent years, and the opioid crisis brought families struggling with drug and alcohol abuse to the city and school district. This recent earthquake traumatized already-vulnerable students.

Study Tip: Finish things that actually need to be turned in first. Studying can feel so ~nebulous~ and tedious, so finishing your written assignments first can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and newfound motivation.

Music: If you haven’t heard of Jamie xx or The xx, then you’re missing out. Their music is the perfect blend of mellow and whatever the opposite of mellow is (upbeat?). “Loud Places” by Jamie xx is one of my favorites, but you should just listen to all of their albums.

Procrastination Tip: Walk around every library looking for a seat until you realize you’re hungry from all that walking, at which point you walk to the dining hall and enjoy a social meal for two or so hours. After eating, it’s only natural to take a nap. Before you sleep, though, make sure to catch up on some Netflix to put you in the napping mood.

Overheard: “I’m going to start bringing my own chair to Butler.”

Studious baby photo via Bwog Archives