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Bwog In Bed: It’s The Home Stretch Now Edition

obama writing his progression 4 in butler (colorized, 2018).

Bwogline: Progress on climate change was stalled at COP24 in Katowice due to the US, Russia, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia refusing to acknowledge the IPCC’s report – its findings mean we have around 12 years to stabilize the climate, but right now we’re on track to 3°C of warming from pre-industrial levels.

Study Tip: Write out a study guide compiling all the relevant information/formulas you need to know. Having it condensed in a few pages will serve a reminder that it’s really not as much as you think – you’ve got it all down already! – and be handy for quick review.

Music: “That I Miss You” is the chill bob-your-head-to-this song you need for an instant pick-me-up. If you’re feeling those Sunday scaries later, just hit play and let the music do its work. YES the cover art looks kinda depressing but I’m telling you it’s actually such a bop.

Procrastination Tip: If you can’t focus and have too much chaotic energy to take a proper break, try something equally productive like cleaning your room or doing your laundry. It’ll make you feel better and definitely get you in the groove again!

Overheard: The fireplace TV screen in Noco – super cute and about as cozy.

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