we miss you xoxo

Bwogline: HQ Trivia and Vine co-founder Colin Kroll, 34, was found dead in his apartment in New York City. The cause of death is assumed to be a drug overdose, although it has not been officially stated as so. Someone please make a vine compilation to celebrate this man.

Study Tip: Reach out for help! Don’t be afraid to ask teachers or TAs for help if you feel stuck on something. Many of them still offer office hours and/or review sessions, or you can email them as well.

Music: This song is a vibe. Enough said.

Procrastination: To take a break from studying, go out into the city for a few hours! The Bryant Park Winter Village is a beautiful place this time of year, and if you have your own skates, it’s free to use their ice rink (if not, it’s $20 to rent), and it’s only a 25-minute subway ride away!

Overheard: People screaming. Primally. Everywhere. It sounded like I was in the pits of hell.