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Columbia Class Of 2023 Early Decision Results Will Be Released Today

…And they’re off. Swag I guess

Here we go, folks. Not only is today Taylor Swift’s 29th birthday, it’s also the day that applicants who chose to bind their souls to our school— that is, those who applied Early Decision— will find out if their deals with the devil were successful. Early Decision applicants to Columbia College and SEAS (or, as a frosh might so quaintly call it, “The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science”) will be able to view their results at 7:00 pm EST today. For those of y’all who struggle with timezone conversions, go to this website and figure it out.


This year, Undergraduate Admissions “received 4,461 Early Decision applicants to Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.” This represents a 9.2% increase over last year’s pool of 4,085 applicants; furthermore, since 2016’s pool of 4,086 was the largest ever at that time, this year now represents the largest applicant pool in Columbia history. Zoinks!

At this time, it doesn’t look like the Admissions Department is releasing any stats on acceptance rate or class composition. We’ll have to wait and see what the class of 2023 looks like. Good luck to all applicants— we’re rooting for you!

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  • Alum says:

    @Alum Interviewed several applicants. Gave thumbs down all around. Zoomers are pretty disappointing.

    1. IRobot says:

      @IRobot Wow.. that’s depressing.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous what’s wrong with generation zyklon?

    3. JH says:

      @JH I hope you weren’t my daughter’s interviewer!

      1. Alum says:

        @Alum If your daughter is an impressive kid, then I was not. I do not lower my standards based on the set of applicants I interview. Not everyone gets a trophy. And sometimes, no one gets a trophy.

  • JH says:

    @JH On pins and needles for my daughter!

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Congratulations to those accepted!

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Did she get in?

  • Comet says:

    @Comet Was law school early decision released as well?

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