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Bwog found time to enjoy their last weekend before finals, and we hope you did too! Send in your stories to to be featured. 

(Disclaimer: Bwog does not condone underage drinking or illegal drug use.)

Bwog Is Happy And Fun

  • Went to the St. A’s formal and was surprised I didn’t see anyone do coke
  • Enjoyed some really fancy drinks instead of just chugging horrible vodka at the aforementioned party
  • Hosted a party in my uncle’s apartment; the party was then CRASHED by his middle-aged neighbors who did not realize we were children.
  • Got free drinks because the bartender thought I was hitting on him
  • Went to Chicanx Caucus’s Quinceañera event, and went searching for afterparty at Casa Latina, and in the process, ended up in Sig Nu for 5 minutes, and another crusty and smelly EC party after sneaking in to EC
  • Made a tall boy tell me I’m pretty.
  • Shoplifted from Sephora like an angsty middle schooler.
  • Saw my mentee for Young Storytellers see the play she wrote herself performed on stage and feel really happy
  • Worked at a book release party and did absolutely nothing and made 200$
  • Enjoyed myself at a college party for the first time!
  • Fell in love with the John Jay lounge Christmas tree.
  • Had a two hour deep, drunk conversation in said lounge.
  • wore a full suit + overcoat on the subway to flex on the Santacon Santas
  • Finally got around to watching Nathan For You and absolutely loved it. 10/10 recommend.
  • Made ~self-improvement~ plans for winter break. Looking forward to learning from this semester and growing.
  • Saw spring awakening for the first time
  • Went to an engineering party. Spilled a drink and left after a half an hour to go to drinking with Bwog instead
  • Made latkes and lit the menorah with my boyfriend on the seventh night of Hannukah.
  • Learned about what the past tense of “yeet” should be from a linguistic perspective (apparently it’s “yeeted”)

Everybody Hurts…

  • Decided to take orgo next semester (RIP me and any shred of sanity i have left)
  • Realized my body is rotting… jk i just got really drunk, fell, and burned a hole in my hand
  • Helped [redacted] clean up puke, learned about the circle of life/drinking.
  • Had our fun was cut short when our friend sent us the video of the white supremacist screaming at her-proceeded to hit to
  • Twitter and all other platforms.
  • Woke up to an injured ankle the morning after DWB… how did it happen? Who knows. (appreciating the excuse not to go running for the next week or two though)
  • Led a trip to the UN / UN Mission and lost two-thirds of my group on the way home because I attempted to take a short Cut without telling anyone.
  • Threw up in a cup
  • Cleaned up a friend’s puke in the bathroom
  • Threw away someone else’s cup of puke
  • Experienced a line to get into Millie on Sunday morning??? Those extended hours can’t come soon enough.
  • Did no work at all this weekend cause I was too hungover most of the time
  • Got drunk and then travelled 70 blocks south to a hotel and lived
  • Got the closest I’ve ever been to blacking out
  • Went to rugby banquet and we had secret santa and I was the only one who didn’t get a gift
  • Accidentally went on a date with a morgan stanley guy (no one ask for his number he’s trash)
  • Finally got a plane ticket home, but it’s spirit airlines so i might not make it…
  • Cried in JJs, Woodbridge, and a Fairchild bathroom in the same 6 hour period

Bwog and (of course) Food

  • Drank 3 mango lassis in 2 days
  • Made chicken soup and forgot about it so accidentally reduced it to a gravy but it was the best thing i’ve ever eaten
  • Went to Strokos w/ my roomie for breakfast on Sunday. Decided to have Strokos Sundays w/ him every week until the end of the year (even though I hate Strokos).
  • Ate the same thing at the same restaurant two nights in a row bc garlic naan cures depression
  • Had a quality brunch with high school friends
  • Have had so much coffee that I’m surprised I’m still alive

Bonus: Bwog and Pets

  • Went home and saw my family and my dog :’)
  • FaceTimed home just to see my dog and cat.
  • Cried to my dog and cat.