Everyone has a “terrible roommate” horror story, which is valid because the tragedy of the commons exists and people are terrible. But that doesn’t mean we should forget the other valiant soldiers: the good roommates who make the hellscape that is communal living downright enjoyable. Today, several Bwoggers salute their roommates, who go above and beyond the call of basic human decency and have spoiled us for the inevitable decades of shitty roommates that lie ahead in this economy. Share your Good Roommate™ stories (past, present, or future) in the comments below!

  • If you know me for more than two minutes, you will find out that my roommate is in SEAS, is an engineer, and that she’s the smartest best human being on the planet. Also, she’s building a freaking race car.
  • Despite us being on the opposite sides of the STEM vs. humanities debate, she respects the heck out of humanities majors the same way I respect anyone who can do math. Also, as an engineer who can actually write a good essay, she’s definitely going to take over the world someday.
  • One night, I was drunk and accidentally locked myself out of our room. I woke her up at 3am so I could be let back in and she barely even complained. Nor every other time I’ve locked myself out of the room (there’s been so many).
  • We come from similar backgrounds but have different experiences, so we have really interesting conversations about things that actually matter and we both get to see a different perspective.
  • For the past two years, we’ve just kind of assumed that we’re going to be roommates and I think that’s beautiful.
  • I came home super drunk one time and my roommate left a party she was at to come back to our room to check up on me and noticed that I was so fucked up so she put me to bed and took my makeup off for me
  • Sometimes when my roommate and I have the lights out and are pretty much ready to go to sleep, we’ll stay up and have super long conversations about our lives and society and the world
  • We have the same taste in stupid memes so we always show each other funny memes we see and laugh so hard at them together
  • On a normal day, we will try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time. Like we’ll say “What time are we waking up tomorrow?” or “What time are we going to sleep tonight?”
  • Sometimes, I watch scary movies and my roommate comes home early cause she knows I can’t sleep alone because I’m scared.
  • She brought back the most amazing lavender/lemon herbal scent thing back from Morocco and our room smells like heaven.
  • She gives me cuddles when I’m needy. But also calls me a dumb bitch when necessary.

not an accurate depiction via Bwog Staff