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Bwoglines: Arms Race With Russia Edition

Happening in the World: While Columbia students are out here freezing, Australia has just recorded its hottest month ever! Average temperatures exceeded 86F/30C, which caused both wildfires to occur and snakes to climb up people’s showers in the land down under.

Happening in the US: Just this morning, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the U.S. is suspending its Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. The US hopes this will urge Russia to comply more strictly with the treaty, while many European governments believe Russia will use this as an opportunity to unleash an arms race of previously banned weapons!

Happening in NYC: Harlem City Councilman Bill Perkins was recently arrested for “erratic behavior.” The police were called on him by his neighbors after complaints of him shouting and throwing things were made. The police say Perkins was combative, not wanting to let them inside his apartment.

Happening on Campus: All day today and tomorrow, Columbia is holding the Conference on Finding The Way to Truth: Sources, History, and Impact of the Meditative Tradition. The conference mainly explores reflective methodology, which sounds very philosophical!

Overseen today: a man running outside in shorts in 15 degree weather

Mike Pompeo and Kim Jong Un via Wikipedia Commons

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