It’s everyone’s fourth favorite day of the week! Here’s what you gotta know. 

Happening in the World: Russia might cut its computers off from the global internet sometime before April 1, the BBC reports. Putin’s regime wants to test Russia’s ability to rely on its own isolated networks in the event of a cyber attack. Internet users in other countries will experience difficulty accessing live bear wrestling stats during the test.

Happening in the US: Lawmakers reached a deal behind closed doors last night to avoid a government shutdown, Politico and the New York Times report. Congressmen will devote $1.375 billion to build fencing along the US-Mexico border—roughly a quarter of the funding Trump asked for in December, but enough, I think, for a lengthy beaded curtain. The deal is expected to be released in full on Wednesday.

Happening in NYC: Dogs arrived in New York yesterday for the annual Westminster Dog Show. Judges will announce the best-in-show winner tonight in Madison Square Garden. If you’ve felt unusually self-conscious recently, it’s probably because of all the handsome dogs walking around.


Happening on Campus: Jack Ming Jie Lin CC ’21 will compete against professional tennis players in the New York Open at Nassau Coliseum at 7:30 pm. He won a spot in the tournament by placing first at an invitational in November. According to the New York Times, he will miss class.

You can purchase a $10 ticket by showing your CUID at the ticket booth. Good luck, Jack!

Song Rec: “Life During Wartime (Stop Making Sense Version),” By Talking Heads.

In 1983, the New Wave band Talking Heads hired Jonathan Demme, future director of Silence of the Lambs, to film and compile their performances. The resulting concert movie, Stop Making Sense, is one of my favorites. You see the band perform and dance like crazy, and you can’t help feeling the joy you see in the band members’ faces. It’s as if you’re in the crowd.

You can also listen to the concert album on Spotify. I do every few weeks.

Best-in-sight via Wikimedia Commons