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Bwoglines: Stonehenge And “Sky High” Edition

Happening in the World: Scientists have pinpointed the origin of the bluestones used to build Stonehenge… and they’re 180 miles away! Neolithic humans would have had to drag them the entire way, and then use ropes to raise them to the vertical position they remain in today (Los Angeles Times).

Happening in the US: As of today, sixteen states have filed lawsuits against Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. In addition to lawsuits, the Trump administration will potentially have to face a resolution to terminate the declaration. The National Emergencies Act allows the President access to funds under the declaration of a national emergency, all of which is entirely to his discretion (CNN).

Happening in NYC: As New York’s battle with Amazon comes to a close, another tech giant may begin to stir up some more trouble. Since Mayor Bill de Blasio put a yearlong cap on Uber last summer, the company has been facing the consequences. Now that he plans to extend the cap, Uber has taken up a lawsuit against the city (The New York Times).

Happening on Campus: There will be a film screening and discussion of Love Hunter from 6:15 to 7:15 PM in the International Affairs Building, 12th Floor Atrium, followed by a discussion with director Branislav Bala.

Tip of the Day: It’s been brought to my attention that not everyone on the planet has seen the Disney Channel classic, Sky High. Please do yourself a favor and watch it this evening. Trust me.

Get a load of those stones! via Flickr.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Who dragged Columbia’s stones?

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