If you read our weekly Field Notes as religiously as we do, you know that Bwog staffers get up to some wacky stuff on the weekends. Now, Arts Editor and aspiring cartoonist Riva Weinstein brings you a real, fresh-picked selection of Bwoggers’ most representative moments from this Fall or Spring semester.

Elle:  One night I got so drunk that I was emotionally vulnerable to my roommate for the first time. I cried in my bed and told her about my relationship with my grandmother and when I finally fell asleep she prayed for me.

Zack:  Finding a bottle of lime juice and a bottle of lemon juice in my pillowcase the morning after [another Bwogger] drunkenly stole them from my suite fridge during the party and hid them there.

Amara: Eating my vegan Chipotle in a bath.

Ramisa: Puking in a cup.


Riva: Trying and failing to play Jenga at Q Haus.

Sarah B: Knitting a scarf at a college party.

Images via Riva Weinstein