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Dispatches From Within The Cloud Of Cigarette Smoke In Front Of Dodge Hall

Senior Staff Writer Levi Cohen, a frequent visitor to Dodge, reports live-ish from the field.

She’s beauty, she’s grace, her air is nicotine-laced

We’re experiencing a rare sunny February day today here outside of Dodge Hall, marred only by an expected yet nevertheless unwelcome cloud of ash and smoke emanating from the cigarettes of half a dozen art students. Yes, that’s right: despite being, I assume, well aware of their fellow students’ collective need to breathe as they enter and exit a building, these folks seem determined to tank Dodge-adjacent air quality faster than Trump’s EPA can roll out deregulations.

We’ve seen nicotine levels actually overtake oxygen in terms of the atmospheric makeup of this area, bringing it down to levels of nastiness previously only achieved in front of Butler.

Bwog Meteorologists would like to remind all smokers that (a) tobacco cessation is always an option! and (b) just because a place is called a “Designated Smoking Area” does not mean that one should attempt to literally turn the air into smoke.

 Image via Columbia Visitors Center


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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous They used to say smoking was healthy. They were relatively correct, because back then fumigation fought off tuberculosis. Never make the perfect the enemy of the good. Even the azides used to treat pre-TB patients seemed to cause brain cancer decades later.

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