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Free Candy And Other Junk On Campus: A Power Ranking

Zӧe Sottile is Bwog’s Internal Editor and also loves to get something for nothing.

The best part about having an awkwardly scheduled appointment at some random campus office? The free bowl of candy and/or other miscellany that may be sitting outside. Let’s go for a scavenger hunt, kiddos!

Like trick-or-treating but for adults!

  1. Hershey’s kisses at the swipe desk in Ferris. Mhmmmmmmmm. Bonus points if you eat enough that you don’t even need to swipe in for a meal.
  2. Dark chocolate kisses in Barnard Well Woman. (Also tampons and condoms! A perfect Valentine’s Day gift basket).
  3. Highlighters outside Office of Disability Services! Like, really nice highlighters. Staples eat your heart out.
  4. Chocolatey mint things outside JJ’s.
  5. Lerner 510 has Jolly Ranchers!!
  6. Condoms, internal condoms, and those little packets of lube in the lobby of basically every Barnard dorm. Maybe edible!
  7. Combination highlighter pens at the Barnard Writing Center. Get your note-taking on.

Image via Flickr.

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