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New Dunkin’ Donuts Location Will Be Opening on 120th and Amsterdam

A new Dunkin’ Donuts location will be opening on the corner of 120th and Amsterdam, where Panini D’Parma was. It will be interesting to see how this his new arrival on the caffeination scene might change up where students get their coffee. Columbia had been dominated by Starbucks (in the Diana Center, 115th & B’way, and 111th & B’way), Joe’s Coffee (in NoCo, Dodge, and Pulitzer), Pret a Manger (on 116th & B’way), and newly installed Peet’s (in the Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning).

This new location will provide easier access to coffee and breakfasts foods to students residing in housing more north on campus and on Amsterdam, including Plimpton, EC, Wien, and TC dorms. It is really even the closest options for Columbia first-year dorms John Jay, Wallach, and Hartley.

This new coffee option comes as a relief to the acidic Starbucks coffee and the horrendously long line at Peet’s. Some coffee is truly worth crossing campus for.

america runs on dunkin via Eva Sher

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Um,,,, does hamdel mean nothing to first years anymore

    1. AB420 8 says:

      @AB420 8 uhh not since they started closing at 10pm

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