sad sign for some sad news

Staff Writer Aditi Patil updates us on the many problems that have been occurring in NoCo since the beginning of this semester. 

Many of us, at least those who actually make the pilgrimage all the way to NoCo, might have heard about the escalators, which are now out of use until April at the latest. The source of these escalator problems, according to Columbia Campus Operations, was a flooding of the building caused by a faulty toilet.

Campus Operations said that on January 22, a malfunction of the toilet apparatus of a toilet on the fifth floor caused water to overrun. While the water, originating directly from a building water source, was apparently clean, Campus Operations responded immediately to address the plumbing issue and clean up excess water. Some water reached the escalator’s switch gear, requiring that the escalator be taken out of service.

The escalator contractor estimates that, following repairs, the escalator will be back in service no later than early April.

Unfortunately, the ongoing repairs to the towering beast that used to take us up and down to Joe’s Coffee and whatever else is located on the lower floor (does anyone actually know?) mean that NoCo users will have to travel even further than they would to get to NoCo — to 120th street — or take the exterior staircase adjacent to the building from campus level to 120th Street or just take an elevator. But what about the doors in NoCo? There are so many of them, yet how many of them do you find actually working? Though it seems to us that NoCo is too often broken, we still can’t resist its beautiful glass walls that actually expose our caffeine-overdosed Vitamin-D deficient bodies to sunlight.