care about our planet? check out the climate solutions event on Wednesday!

We’re back with Science Fair, Bwog’s weekly curated list of interesting STEM-related talks, symposiums, and events happening on campus. For science and non-science majors alike, our list will bring you events that will satisfy your scientific curiosity for everything from astronomy to zoology, and everything in between.

For anyone, related-majors and non-majors alike:

    • Event Info: Monday, February 4, 6-7:30pm, The Lantern at Lenfest Center of the Arts (615 W 129th St), click here for more info
    • Event Description: Together with guest speakers—labor advocates, scientists, government officials, and journalists—Mr. Mark Bittman (of the Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health) will explore the impact of health disparities, nutrition, worker rights, and climate change on our food supply.
  • Prospects for Climate Solutions
    • Event Info: Wednesday, February 6, 6-7:15pm, Faculty House, click here
    • Event Description: Join the Center on Global Energy Policy as we assess prospects for bipartisan solutions on climate in this uncertain environment with a discussion led by CGEP Distinguished Visiting Fellow Carlos Curbelo, former U.S. representative for Florida’s 26th congressional district.
  • Finding the Bar Codes in Our Brain: Using Genetics to Identify the Brain’s 100 Billion Neurons, Lecture by Dr. Tom Maniatis (Columbia)
    • Event Info: Thursday, February 7, 6:30-8pm, Columbia University Forum (3207 Broadway), Register at link
    • Event Description: People may take for granted their ability to touch their nose and know that they are touching their own face, and not another’s. What someone may not know is that each of the 100 billion neurons in your brain also have this ability of self-recognition. As individual nerve cells, called neurons, grow branches and connect with thousands of other neurons during brain development, their own branches distinguish between themselves and the branches of other neurons — an important adaptation that avoids entanglements.
  • Info Session: Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA)
    • Event Info: Tuesday, February 5, 7pm, 520 Math, click here
    • Event Description: The Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) is a non-profit federally-funded think tank supporting the Department of Defense and other agencies with multi-disciplinary research. IDA assists the United States Government in addressing important national security issues, particularly those requiring scientific and technical expertise… Come to Math 520 on February 5th at 7pm to chat with Steve about his experiences as well as job opportunities at the IDA!

For more advanced students of the given subject:

  • DSI Computational Social Science Working Group – Lightning Talks
    • Event Info: Wednesday, February 6, 6-8pm, Schapiro CEPSR Davis Auditorium, click here
    • Event Description: The Data Science Institute invites you to poster session that will highlight some of the recent and current research done by our centers. Open to the public and larger Columbia community. Light refreshments provided.
  • Medical School Fair
    • Event Info: Saturday, February 9, 1-4:30pm, Roone Arledge Auditorium, Lerner Hall, click here
    • Event Description: The annual Medical School Fair will feature representatives from a variety of health professional schools. Student ID required.

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