Social Media Editor and self-proclaimed Milstein expert (as well as IMATS employee, for transparency’s sake) Idris O’Neill is here to contribute to the actually insane amount of Milstein content on Bwog. It’s time to explore all the centers for learning that you’ve been missing out on.

Archives and Special Collections

  • What they do: If Columbia is obsessed with legacy, then Barnard is obsessed with history – our own, more specifically. The Archives department at Barnard hosts a range of photos, texts, zines, and more on the 4th floor of the Milstein Center. They recently received the Barnard Equity and Inclusion grant to document the Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters’ (BOSS) fifty years at Barnard.
  • When to go: The archives are open to any researchers, by appointment. They are open from 10:30 am – 5:30 pm, from Monday through Friday. If you have a history project, architecture project, or are just curious about Barnard history, be sure to check it out.
  • Who to go to: The archives are staffed by Shannon O’Neill, the Director, and Associate Director Martha Tenney. Either can be reached through

Center for Engaged Pedagogy

  • What they do: The Center for Engaged Pedagogy is still undergoing development
  • When to go: You can book the space for workshops, though we’re not entirely certain who is allowed to do this.
  • Who to go to: You can contact Miriam Neptune, the Director of Teaching, Learning, and Digital Scholarship, for project consultation, though again, we’re not entirely sure what this means yet! You will also probably be working with a number of post-bacc fellows, which you can find here.

Design Center

  • What they do: Easily the coolest club you won’t ever get into. The Design Center provides machinery training for button-making, silkscreening, laser cutting, 3D printing, and more!
  • When to go: When you’re in the mood for crafts
  • Who to go to: The Undergraduate and Graduate Design Assistants!

Digital Humanities Center (DHC)

  • What they do: The DHC gets attached to humanities and social science classes, assisting with visualizing data in those contexts. They offer video and audio editing services, interactive map creation (probably GIS), and something called “network visualizations.”
  • When to go: They’ll find you (during the hours of 11 am-5:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and 11am-7pm on Thursday).
  • Who to go to: The various librarians and fellows found in Milstein 103

Empirical Reasoning Center (ERC)

  • What they do: Much like the DHC, the ERC deals with data visualization, but in the STEM way. They make graphs for your Gen Chem homework, offer workshops for Python, Excel, and GIS.
  • When to go: There are allotted office hours for the ERC fellows, specific to each offered program.
  • Who to go to: The ERC fellows

Instructional Media and Technology Services (IMATS)

  • What they do: You can request film, audio, and lighting equipment (among other things), edit in the Post-Production Lab and book the production studio (Milstein 105 and 105C, respectively), or come to a workshop! If you need AV assistance, we’ve got you covered with that too.
  • When to go: When you’re filming, recording, conducting, or any verb which involves media, we probably have equipment for you. If you have an oral history research project and are trying to learn how to use an advanced audio recorder, we can teach you. When you need to know which lighting is best for your up and coming audio and visual podcast, we can help you figure that out. When you’re strongly considering becoming a SoundCloud star, we can help you mix and edit audio.
  • Who to go to: The IM Technicians at Barnard are super well-informed and ready to impart their collective knowledge about #media and #technology. If you’re checking out equipment, you can do so with them. If you’re looking to learn about storyboarding, light techniques, video editing, and more, contact us at and we can direct you to the appropriate people.

Vagelos Computational Science Center (CSC)

  • What they do: CS! Girls who code! They won’t begin implementing classes for a little while, but they do have a CS Help Room in 502 with TAs. Get help!
  • When to go: There are specific TA hours that they post on the Barnard CS Help Room Facebook page (it’s public; go find it).
  • Who to go to: TAs! Or the new head of the department

Millie via Barnard