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Bwoglines: The Winklevoss Twins And The Meatless Mondays Epidemic

Happy midterms szn!!! As you avoid studying for your midterms/doing that 10 page essay due tomorrow at 8:40 AM, get caught up with some obscure news you definitely should know about but probably could live without.

Happening in the World:

Over 80 passengers have be injured in a recent ferry incident in the Sea of Japan after hitting a whale. Not quite as dramatic as the Titanic but still very sad for both the passengers and that poor whale. Hate to see it.

Happening in the US:

Yes, you’ve seen The Social Network and, yes, you probably rooted for the demise of The Winklevoss Twins (aka. The Winklevii). Well guess what! They’re back and better than ever with their newest pursuit: crypto!!!! Who would have thought.

Happening in NYC:

The hotly contested “Meatless Mondays” phenom we are well acquainted with here at Columbia (sans Hewitt, a savior to many) is spreading across the city —- that’s right we’re trendsetters. All public schools in New York City will be implementing the new program soon.

Happening on Campus

Buy your Bacchanal merch here people!!!!! The designs this year are beautiful and orders are due Thursday, March 14th!!!! Let us just pray the headliners isn’t Florida Georgia Line!!!!!

Fun Fact of the Day:

According to a March 2005 report from the Disney Company, there are 65,700 jobs supported by the Disneyland Resort, which includes, at the Resort itself, 20,000 direct Disney employees and 3,800 third-party employees (that is, independent contractors or their employees).

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