There is no announcement of a headlining performer at this year’s Bacchanal festival, the Bacchanal Committee’s Publicity Chair Redd Ingram stated in a press conference today. According to Ingram, the premature speculation of a “certain sports media group on campus” about the headlining performer violated Bacchanal’s contract with the performer.

Tierra Whack and Rina Sawayama will perform as opening acts at this year’s festival.

Ingram began the press conference by recounting Bacchanal’s history as a spirit week for Columbia, filled with carnivals and water balloon festivals and ultimately culminating in a music festival on the final day. However, due to “increased regulation” of the week, Bacchanal was later reduced to just the music festival event.

After Ingram thanked members of the committee, Ingram then went on to announce the supporting acts and the headlining performer – or lack thereof. After stating that the “sports media group on campus” had been at fault for rendering the contract with the headliner void, Ingram went on to open the floor for questions. A student in the first row asked which “sports media group” it was. Ingram responded that he could not say at this time, but reiterated his statement that this “sports media group” directly caused the violation of the contract.

Edit 3/26, 2:20 PM: An earlier version of this post stated that Ingram announced that there was no headliner at Bacchanal. However, we wanted to clarify that Ingram had in fact stated that there was no announcement of a headliner at this time.

Bacchanal Committee’s posted this statement on Instagram following the press conference:

“Unfortunately, due to the premature publication by a certain sports media group on campus of speculated performers at our event, we regret to inform you that our ability to communicate our headlining artist has been jeopardized. To be clear, because this announcement by a certain sports media group on campus came too early, we have no announcement of our headlining performer at this time.”

In general, Bacchanal Committee has been unclear as to the exact nature of the situation. Ingram and the Bacchanal Committee was also unclear as to what exact clause or portion of the contract was violated and in what way. We have reached out to the Bacchanal Committee for further comment.

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