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Open Meeting Announcement: Traveller From An Antique Land

After digging through the archives of Butler for days on end, Bwog has finally uncovered Percy Bysshe Shelley’s lost masterpiece. 

I met a traveller from Lerner 510
Who said — “A vast and clever site renowned
Stands in the campus. . . In Lerner is its den,
Where satire, snacks, and amity are found.
Its navy scope, and posts from writers penned,
Tell us, its sculptors, that those pitches read
Do yet survive, in our vast catalogues,
The posts that mock the Core and grapes that fed;
And on this site, we have these words of choice:
My name is Bwozymandias, Blog of Blogs;
Look on my posts, ye mighty, and rejoice!
Help us combat midterm season’s decay,
With our irreverent site, boundless in voice;
At 9 PM, bring your pitches our way.”

How did they sculpt that? via Flickr

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