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Over 2,600 Signatures Have Been Collected Asking For Snow Day As A Result Of Expected 5-8 Inches of Overnight Snowfall

Newsletter Editor Eva Sher has been in bed for two hours now refreshing her email, Facebook, and Slack feeds hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

According to an email from Barnard Public Safety, an estimated five to eight inches of snow are expected to fall tonight. New York City public schools, NYU, the Jewish Theological Seminary and other universities in the city are closed for classes and regular operation tomorrow. Even the Barnard shuttle service is taking a snow day tomorrow. Yet, as of right now, all Columbia and Barnard classes are still scheduled as usual for tomorrow.

A petition has been created in response to classes resuming as usual, which has collected over 2,600 signatures already. Comments on the petition have pointed out the difficulties that students may face due to Columbia’s refusal to close operations for the day. Students with limited mobility may find it extremely difficult to get to class in these treacherous conditions, and students with children whose school was cancelled may find difficulty in finding last minute childcare. Students have been reaching out to Dean Valentini via Facebook messenger, but he has stated that the decision for school to remain open is made by Columbia Facilities, not the administration.

Amidst the dissatisfaction, the Annual Columbia Snowball Fight has been scheduled. Students will collect on Low Lawn tomorrow at noon and pelt their classmates with the snow that causes our woes.

Updates will be posted as we receive them.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous END THE WAR ON FUN!!!!

  • anon says:

    @anon Most professors cancel their classes anyway.

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