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Study Playlists For The Final Crunch

Do you also have terrible taste in music? Are you tired of listening to the same 5 songs over and over again until you finish your midterms? Bwog is here to help; we’re bringing you our favorite study playlists, curated by ourselves (or Spotify) to add to your library before you head to the library.

finish your goddamn essay:  I get distracted by pretty much everything, including words and really heavy beats, so my study playlist is all instrumental with a lot of sweeping strings, peaceful piano melodies and atmospheric pieces from movie and TV soundtracks. Favorite track: Cloud Atlas End Title or The Nature of Daylight.

Get Shit Done: instrumental playlist I actually made for Bwog in spring 2016! Includes all my favorite tracks from film/TV scores, classical music, etc. See this post for highlights.

WE’VE GOT DRAGONS: it’s just the scores of all three How to Train Your Dragon movies together in one playlist. John Powell is a master at evoking emotional storylines through score; I like listening through his scores while studying or writing papers because they make me feel like I’m on an epic journey myself (keeps me inspired, basically). Favorite track: I’ve listened to Third Date on repeat for 10 hours now. Also, the tracks for act two of the first movie (Forbidden Friendship, New Tail, See You Tomorrow, Test Drive) are *chef’s kiss* perfection.

a trance:” A collection of house/instrumental music for the most part that’s upbeat and very rhythmic. It help’s me to focus on my work — especially writing because I can’t write with lyrics playing — and keeps me energized. I’ve been working on it for a long time and I’m very proud

chill jazz: playlist of my favorite jazz tracks! I like a lot of classic big band stuff (see: all the Duke Ellington and Maynard Ferguson), but there’s some more contemporary jazz and hip-hop on here too. Favorite tracks: Loro (Anat Cohen Tentet), A Dedicated Instrumental (Jon Bellion), Hymn to Freedom (Oscar Peterson).

джаз: My jazz playlist with a lot of Stan Getz.

me pretending that i live in the world of mad men: My fake Hawaiian music playlist. (Think easy listening 60s jazz).

Words, words, words

:): My Soviet disco playlist. Don’t ask why.

xmas study: A holiday study playlist (lol). (It doesn’t have to be December for you to want to be festive)

nov study: A non-instrumental study playlist. (A strong acoustic boy.)

Mellow Studying: I really like listening to folky stuff when I study, and this playlist always calms me down when I’m stressed about midterms or papers. It’s kind of melancholy, but in a soothing way. Favorite song is probably “Yours and Mine,” by the Fountains of Wayne.

Alternative 00s: It’s not something I created but the Spotify alternative ‘00s playlist absolutely slaps and I listen to it at LEAST twice a day while studying.

Homework (Daft Punk): To quote the Bwog staffer who sent this in, “This is a good homework playlist” and well, I guess he isn’t wrong.

Not Spotify

Google Play Downtempo Instrumentals Radio: (Not Spotify but I love it) White noise, rain noise, musical drones and singing and more than 100 other well-made noise generators. Also comes in app form and great for meditation and sleep as well. Personally approved by at least two Bwoggers

lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to: This shit slaps don’t even @ me

group study jam session via Pixabay

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