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Assassinations From Killing Eve As Dorms

If you love both Killing Eve and comparing Columbia’s dorms to random things, then you’re in the right place. I have taken it upon myself to procrastinate the work I should be doing to provide you with a certifiable list of comparisons between the assassinations on the show and a collection of campus dorms.

East Campus: Bill’s Murder

I would assume that in amongst the chaos of a busy EC suite on Saturday night, Villanelle would be able to murder someone in a similar way to how she stabbed Bill, Eve’s assistant, in the club in Moscow. That is if she wasn’t put off by the mold and the hallways first.

John Jay: Hospital Murders

Hear me out. Where does Villanelle assassinate the witness, the nurses, and the police officers? A hospital. What’s in John Jay? The medical centre!

McBain: Diego’s Murder

This is where things get messy. Villanelle kills her temporary handler Diego and tries to kill Nadia too. Where else do things get messy? McBain. Maybe not in the same messiness level of assassinations, MI5 agents and psychopaths but I’m sure it gets pretty close.

Frat Houses: Murder of Frank and Anna’s husband

Villanelle has never been the biggest fan of guys. Let’s leave it at that.

Carlton Arms: Perfume Murder

As far as assassinations go, this is a personal favourite. The brilliance of it is that it creeps up on you, who would have thought to murder someone through scent? Likewise, the brilliance of Carlton Arms creeps up on you. You begin the long trek to 109th grumbling at having to journey so far into the wilderness only to be greeted with spacious suites and views to die for!

The Waitlist: Attempted Murder of Eve and Villanelle

Ah, the one that got away. Just like all the students who just missed out on actually having somewhere to live next year, both leading ladies can never quite kill each other. But who knows, maybe the unfortunate souls on the waitlist will strike lucky and by the end of season three Villanelle will finally get the one who got away.

One last thing… you disagree with some of my choices? Sorry Baby

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