Read till the end for some hella wholesome content.

Happening in the World: Skirmantas Strimaitis was the only passenger on a flight to Italy, as he was the only person who had booked a one-way ticket. According to the airline, “in order to avoid the aircraft coming back empty, one-way tickets were put on sale for the return trip”Strimaitis was on (CNN).

Happening in the US: The House Democrats have demanded that the IRS hand over Trump’s tax returns from the last six years. This promises to be “a momentous fight with his administration” (NY Times).

Happening in NYC: Check out The Shed, NYC’s new arts center! By the way, it cost $475 million (Bloomberg).

Happening on campus: Hit up the “Spiritual Nerd Fest” tonight from 7:30 to 9 PM in Pupin 301. You can RSVP here.

Wholesome fact of the day: There are “toad fences” in Germany whose sole purpose is to keep toads, frogs, and newts from crossing dangerous roads during their migration season. Volunteers carry the amphibians safely across the road multiple times every day.

o shit whaddup via Public Domain Pictures.