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Bwoglines: Goldman Daddy Edition

Pump bump lump jump trump dump HUMP day. It’s hump day!

Happening in the World

Of course we all know about the unfortunate burning of the Notre Dame a few days back. Fortunately, the majority of the structure was saved and there is hope for reconstruction, with one Vassar professor’s mapping of the original church playing a crucial role.

Happening in the US

Goldman Sachs’ bonuses and profit is down a recent record of 20% — send thoughts and prayers to your favorite local Goldman Daddy.

Happening in NYC

Not much is happening in NYC right now, but just in case you were wondering, a man has just been arrested in NYC for decapitating a number of chickens in a wealthy Connecticut neighborhood. Crazy.

Happening on Campus

CORE is hosting the Harlem Arts Alliance Interactive Workshop today at 7 PM in Hamilton 707. The workshop will host several speakers who will share their stories in promoting art education and advocacy in the Harlem community and conduct a lesson in non-profit administration. Come thru!

Fun Fact of the Day

Camels can move at average speeds of about 12 kilometer per hour for as much as 18 hours. A fast, unladen camel can attain speeds of over 60 kilometers per hour (while fast racehorses can peak at about 65 kilometers per hour). On sand, however, the camel will beat the horse in a race.

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