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Bwoglines: To All The Pretty Patties I’ve Loved Before

Before Rebecca Black debuted her hit single, “Friday”, the day was called Blursday.

Happening in the World: McDonald’s is discontinuing its Signature Crafted Recipes line, including items such as the mushroom and swiss cheeseburger. The company wants to put all of its efforts into perfecting the Quarter Pounder. This sounds like the downfall of the Pretty Patty in Spongebob. (CNN)

Happening in the U.S.: After years of investigation, Robert Mueller released his full findings regarding Russia’s intervention in the 2016 Presidential Election. President Trump is not expected to read the full 448-page report, rather White House aides will analyze the pages and brief him on it in coming days. (CNN)

Happening in NYC: Netflix is building 6 new sound stages in Brooklyn by 2024, investing $100 million on the project. Governor Cuomo is reportedly disappointed over Amazon’s decision to pull out of Long Island City earlier this year. Now they’ll be able to produce To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2. (New York Post)

Happening on Campus: The Columbia Musical Theater Society will be performing “Camelot” tonight and tomorrow at 8 PM in Lerner Black Box Theatre.

Song of the Day: “Where Do We Begin Now” by Alicia Keys. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of her.

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