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CCSC Faces Four Resignations After A Failed Impeachment

Here’s how yesterday’s CCSC meeting went down.

On yesterday’s weekly Columbia College Student Council meeting, four council members resigned after the failed impeachment vote of Henry Feldman, CC ’21, from his position as Student Services Representative.

The four council members– Race and Ethnicity Representative Heven Haile, CC ’21, University Senators Alfredo Dominguez, CC ’19, and Toqa Mohamed Badran, CC ’19, and Vice President for Communications Isabella Lajara, CC ’20– stepped down after the motion to impeach Feldman, lead by Haile, failed. This demand was made by reason that “Feldman funneled the energy towards unofficial platforms with the intentions to undermine my efforts as Race and Ethnicity Rep. and the commitment that I put to this race or election,” as mentioned in Haile’s speech during yesterday’s meeting. Further, Haile stated, “the perpetuation of this disturbing theme in history that is the attacking of vocal black women under the guise of rigid rule to allow a centrist white liberal man to take lead disgusts me, and should disgust any democratically elected board too. As such, I demand impeachment from his current role as Student Services Representative.”

Haile stated that Feldman filed a false major violation report against her to the Columbia Elections Commission on the grounds that she violated a policy that prohibits candidates from publicizing a false endorsement. She was cleared of these violations, and Haile claimed that Feldman’s accusations were racially motivated.

In a Facebook post, Feldman claimed that his “decision to report this rules violation was not politically motivated, and it had nothing to do with Heven’s character or identity.” In her speech, however, Haile stated that “Henry claims that he reported this infraction out of a sort of civic duty, however, throughout his whole quest for truth, he never once messaged me or Alfredo, the mental health task force’s co-chair, to confirm this suspicion.”

Feldman’s impeachment failed after a two-thirds majority vote did not pass. After the failed motion, Haile, Dominguez, Lajara, and Badran resigned from CCSC and left the meeting, followed by a few audience members.

Haile was just elected into the University Senate on the 13th, so she will only be absent from CCSC for a week before the new term starts. Additionally, Feldman was elected as VP for Policy for the new term.

Spicy notes via Pxhere.


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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I’d also bet that the four are unhappy they couldn’t force a Jew off a school council through false claims of racism. Anything is permissible against the Jews, I guess. It’s all about that future pro-Palestine vote to performance politicians like Heven.

    1. Bingo says:

      @Bingo Mr. Dominguez and Ms. Haile are raging antisemites. I’ve known both of them since freshman year. Their private rhetoric is appalling and dangerous. Every now and then, their hateful views slip out in their campus-wide communications.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Being pro-Palestine is different from being anti-semitic, and your equating Judaism with the state of Israel is dangerous and embarrassing.

        1. Time to go to school says:

          @Time to go to school >pRo PaLeStInE isNt aNtI iSraEL
          1. That’s not what they’re doing. Their stance is anti israel. If it were pro palestine, they wouldn’t sling hate speech and lies at the state of israel. You don’t build up a cause by attacking another entity.
          2. Being anti israel is anti jewish because it is implying that the Jews have no right to a homeland and no right to exist. The word for that is antisemitism.
          3. The disputed lands were won by Israel during the Arab war when Arab nations united against Israel in an attempt to wipe them off the map. Want to guess why they hated Israel so much?
          4. Ethnic “Palestinians” who live in disputed territories enjoy more rights than Jews and Christians in any of the 22 other Arab nations.
          5. Meanwhile, there is only 1 Jewish state. The Palestinians are free to move to any of those 22 other Arab nations. The reason they continue to occupy the Israel is because Jordan and Syria want them to. After losing all of the Arab wars, Jordan and Syria have used the Palestinians as a way of maintaining a presence in the lands that Israel won from them fair and square.
          6. The Palestinian government is run by a terrorist organization that uses women and children as human shields. Supporting them is loterally supporting terrorism. In light of that, referring to people like you, Alfredo, and Heven as antisemites is actually quite generous because in reality you are terrorist sympathizers.
          7. There is no such place as Palestine and Palestine has never existed. Learn history.

          Frankly, I’m embarrassed for you.

  • The fairness doctrine says:

    @The fairness doctrine It’s worth noting that she wasn’t really cleared: CEC stated that she had in fact falsely claimed an endorsement for the Mental Health Task Force, but because the MHTF is not an official student group, it was outside if the jurisdiction of the CEC. Also I believe, and I may not be correct, that Feldman is part of the MHTF.

    Also in Feldman’s post he States very clearly that he reached out to other members of the task force to verify the validity of the endorsement. I’m not saying that he actually did that nor not, but that it is a a refute to Haile’s claim that he didn’t.

    As someone who came into this without an opinion and learning about this all now: this article feels like it’s missing a few key facts, making it come of a little one sided.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Bwog is a Barnard-run newspaper, masquerading as a Columbia one. When their very identity is fraudulent, you can only expect their articles to be as fake as Stormy Daniel’s tits.

      1. Amara Banks (Bwog Staff) says:

        @Amara Banks (Bwog Staff) literally what??????????????

  • Good riddance Alfredo says:

    @Good riddance Alfredo What goes around, comes around!

    1. this says:

      @this The guy is a demagogue and fearmonger. If you took his rhetoric at face value, you would think there was a secret group of no less than 1000 fundamentalist christian klansmen at CU who are out to eliminate all nonwhite, nonchristian, latinx, or lgbtq+ students. Pure nonsense. Columbia is not a racist place. Anyone who has ever spent time in the deep South or middle America would recognize that Columbia is one of the most progressive institutions in the country. Its entire curriculum is rooted in liberal ideas and social responsibility. Columbia actively screens for socially aware students. And, they literally give at least a hundred million of dollars in aid to members of protected classes each year. How else do you think Alfredo got here? Nevertheless, facts like that do not matter to Alfredo. Alfredo occupies the moral high ground. How do we know? He tells us all the time. And, if you dare question him on any substantive policy issues no matter how illogical, then prepare for his wrath because you are evil and must be silenced. Just look at what he and Heven tried to do to Mr. Feldman. Mr. Feldman disagreed with them, so was viciously attacked and slandered ad hominem. What is sad is that a plurality of CC students cannot see through this and were stupid enough to vote for him.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Let’s talk about how you use “Mr. Feldman” to refer to the white man in this case but use both Alfredo and Heven’s first names. Do they not deserve the same respect that Henry does? Confused! Also, an institution can be less racist than other institutions but STILL BE RACIST, INSTITUTIONALLY! That’s like saying light blue is not blue because it’s less blue than navy. Just say you hate black womxn and people of color and go. And Columbia /is/ a racist institution just like any other predominantly white institution in the US and the US in general–were you paying attention when the white supremacist didn’t get expelled from Columbia? Or literally last week when a Black student was racially profiled and harassed by public safety officers? Just say you hate people of color and go.

        1. When you are a race baiter says:

          @When you are a race baiter Everything looks like racism. What are you even majoring in? Clearly it’s not critical thinking or logic because your reply is straight pathos. Now go cry more.

        2. So predictable says:

          @So predictable Congrats on proving @this’s point. You were unable to make a substantive argument, so you relied on a red herring and used it to call them a racist and misogynist. Bravo! You also incorrectly assumed that all predominantly white institutions are inherently racist when white people make up a majority of the population. Yet, somehow, students of color make up a larger share of the Columbia population than they do the U.S. population. In fact, Black Enterprise Magazine ranked Columbia as the top Ivy League university for African American students. Hispanic Magazine ranked Columbia as one of the top ten colleges in America for Latino/a students. Why would those publications say such nice things about such a racist place? Not to mention, Columbia also employs thousands of people of color and pays them middle class wages. So take your bullshit and go home.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous you can’t eat your cake and have it to, heven. either quit the institution because it’s racist or be happy that you won a serious campus position. your performative blithering is just embarrassing, like taking a week’s vacation from your elected position is going to make you a hero…come on

    1. Race card says:

      @Race card When you can’t win on policy or substance, cry racist like heven. Then, turn the tables. Hurl ad hominem and racist attacks against your opponent and hope your constituents are too stupid to recognize your racist jujitsu.

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