Here’s how yesterday’s CCSC meeting went down.

On yesterday’s weekly Columbia College Student Council meeting, four council members resigned after the failed impeachment vote of Henry Feldman, CC ’21, from his position as Student Services Representative.

The four council members– Race and Ethnicity Representative Heven Haile, CC ’21, University Senators Alfredo Dominguez, CC ’19, and Toqa Mohamed Badran, CC ’19, and Vice President for Communications Isabella Lajara, CC ’20– stepped down after the motion to impeach Feldman, lead by Haile, failed. This demand was made by reason that “Feldman funneled the energy towards unofficial platforms with the intentions to undermine my efforts as Race and Ethnicity Rep. and the commitment that I put to this race or election,” as mentioned in Haile’s speech during yesterday’s meeting. Further, Haile stated, “the perpetuation of this disturbing theme in history that is the attacking of vocal black women under the guise of rigid rule to allow a centrist white liberal man to take lead disgusts me, and should disgust any democratically elected board too. As such, I demand impeachment from his current role as Student Services Representative.”

Haile stated that Feldman filed a false major violation report against her to the Columbia Elections Commission on the grounds that she violated a policy that prohibits candidates from publicizing a false endorsement. She was cleared of these violations, and Haile claimed that Feldman’s accusations were racially motivated.

In a Facebook post, Feldman claimed that his “decision to report this rules violation was not politically motivated, and it had nothing to do with Heven’s character or identity.” In her speech, however, Haile stated that “Henry claims that he reported this infraction out of a sort of civic duty, however, throughout his whole quest for truth, he never once messaged me or Alfredo, the mental health task force’s co-chair, to confirm this suspicion.”

Feldman’s impeachment failed after a two-thirds majority vote did not pass. After the failed motion, Haile, Dominguez, Lajara, and Badran resigned from CCSC and left the meeting, followed by a few audience members.

Haile was just elected into the University Senate on the 13th, so she will only be absent from CCSC for a week before the new term starts. Additionally, Feldman was elected as VP for Policy for the new term.

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