Intrepid ESC Bureau Chief Finn Klauber informs the campus on the many twists and turns of student government. This week’s meeting of Engineering Student Council includes reflections, minor controversy, and plans to help fix the process for Senior Gala tickets.

ESC met for the final time this week to close out the past year of student government, though they’ll be back next week with newly elected representatives and class councils. Interviews will occur this week to fill the empty positions, meaning that ESC should see 10 to 13 new members on council next week. A small controversy arose regarding how these positions would be filled, with the CEC process for appointments apparently conflicting with ESC’s internal procedures as outlined in the ESC constitution. Nevertheless, this discussion was tabled for the time being.

The majority of the meeting last night was dedicated to member reflections of their time in student council. Some of the most noteworthy and pivotal moments in members’ reflections included:

  • instituting peer mentoring
  • “getting to know all of you”
  • bonding at the retreat
  • successfully implementing the pad and tampon initiative
  • introducing the live stream and SEAS flash videos
  • meeting a really cool group of passionate people
  • “finding out that Asher was younger than me”
  • adding new senior traditions
  • selling t-shirts to 40% of SEAS whereas CCSC only sold to 20% of CC


  • Project grants for the upcoming year are finished. More information will be introduced when the next iteration of the council takes effect.
  • Some surprise is coming to the SEAS senior class during reading week. 2019 President Izzet Kebudi did not reveal whether it will be a giveaway or event, claiming that a formal announcement will be made next week.
  • Senior Gala tickets are being repossessed from the underclassmen who immorally reserved space at a celebration of the class of 2019, preventing a significant portion of the senior class from actually getting tickets. Sure, it seems ridiculous that so many CC or SEAS students can not obtain access to senior events, but seemingly nothing will come of it except for a rerelease of tickets on April 26th.

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