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Field Notes: Special Bacchanal Edition

Haven’t had enough Bacchanal content today? Neither have we. Without further ado, here’s what Bwog got up to during the festivities…

  • Had my nipples on display for the entire day
  • Lost my new sunglasses before anything even began
  • Bumped into my RA at an EC party for the second year in a row
  • Called a frat boy a four-letter word whilst on his stoop and almost got my ass whooped
  • Rolled, texted my dad to randomly tell him how much I love him, and had a surprisingly coherent conversation with him about Veep season 7
  • Sent texts to pretty much everyone in my life to tell them how much I love them and am grateful for them and appreciate them and DIDN’T send texts to anyone I shouldn’t have been texting. Win.
  • Played with a dog and cried because the sight of said dog brought me so much joy
  • Threw an EC pregame for the girls & gays
  • Somehow managed to miss all of Bacchanal but really felt Prezbo’s weather machine working hard
  • Paced myself surprisingly well
  • Got a diamond-patterned tan on my back from my ridiculous shirt
  • Spent the evening waiting for the Adderall to wear off
  • Got laid 3 times in ~14 hours
  • Did NOT run into my crush all day which was so annoying bc Bacch is the one day you can meaninglessly embarrass yourself
  • Filmed all the footage for Bwog!!!! Felt powerful waving my chunky camcorder in everyone’s faces
  • Tripsitted three of my good mates who were on shrooms, LSD, and coke which was exhausting…
  • Went to bed clean, sober, and FULL of cookie dough
  • Puked on the lawn, then cleaned it up with paper towels I had brought anticipating that precise event
  • Accidentally stole my friend’s sunscreen
  • Slept for 14 hours

Thyrsus Maximus via Wikimedia Commons

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