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Getting Your Grammar On: Class Years

Bwogger Danielle Mikaelian has a grammatical bone to pick.

There are a lot of things in the world that make me cringe. However, I recognize some unfortunate events, like tripping on a step after over-drinking, are unavoidable (but seriously, be careful everyone!). At the same time, other misfortunate acts are very avoidable and confuse me to no end.

You may wonder what type of situation I’m referencing. Well, as an English major, it pains me to say…that the next eleven sentences are going to involve me complaining about punctuation errors. 

The girl in this picture is thinking about people who say that they’re class of 23′

Specifically, I want to remedy the tragedy of college students placing apostrophes in the wrong places in their Instagram bios. Despite proving our grammar and punctuation skills through standardized tests, many of us fail to accurately represent what year of college we’re in.

For reference, apostrophes in college years are supposed to replace the years missing. So, for the class of 2021, you would write ’21 because the apostrophe replaces the twenty in the contraction. However, I constantly see this written as 21’. I’m not sure what year these people are living in, but unless it’s the year 21-something, this just…is not right. Maybe they’re time travelers and are not so secretly living in the future? If so, hit me up, since I’d love to try out fancy technological devices I can’t understand (perks of being a CC English major).

But for now, give me the benefit of the doubt and assume time travelers don’t exist! Moreover, if your friends are guilty of this…send them this post and encourage them to absolve themselves of this horrible sin. You won’t regret it!

Image via Bwog archives.

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    @Anonymous why did u write this

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous why not

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