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Housing Reviews 2019: 600 W 116 St

Just steps away from Shake Shack (not sure if that’s a pro or con), 600 W 116th Street is a conveniently located, suite-style dorm. Now that 6-person Barnard groups have gotten their numbers, upperclassmen– read on if you’re not feeling so confident; rising sophomores, read on if you’re feeling lucky. 

Location: Conveniently, 600 W 116th Street.

  • Nearby Dorms: 616, 620, the Quad, Schapiro, Woodbridge, really ANYTHING relatively close to campus
  • Stores and RestaurantsShake Shack, Morton William’s, Pret à Manger, Sweetgreen


All Barnard housing has standardize costs (except studio singles) and the rate is at $10,435 a year or $5,217.50 per semester.


  • Bathrooms: Each suite has one bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink, and a cupboard for storage.
  • AC/Heating: Heating but no AC. 
  • Kitchen: Each suite has one kitchen with an oven, stovetop, and fridge. 
  • Lounge: There is a lounge next to the laundry room on the second floor. Suites have common spaces with a dining table. 
  • Laundry: Laundry room is on the second floor. Takes credit card. 
  • Computers/Printing: Not in the building, in the lobby of 616 or the basement of Sulz. 
  • Gym: No gym, but close to Barnard gym. 
  • Intra-transportation: Two very slow elevators that are also always being used for trash takeout or elevator maintenance at peak hours. 
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Some suites are hardwood, but some are linoleum.
  • Bonus: Some suites have fire escapes that you can go out to and enjoy the view, and not all suites are Barnard residence and it makes you feel like you’re a ~Real NYC Resident~

Room Variety:

  • Mostly doubles, some singles (mostly for the RA)
  • Refer to the floor plans for suite layouts


Last year, 2 all-sophomore groups picked into 600 (but were shafted). Mostly juniors live here (seniors prefer singles, and 600 is mostly doubles). So if you’re a junior, you should be set. If you’re a sophomore with a REALLY GOOD number, pray that people want to live in Plimpton and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Bwog Recommendation:

600 is super convenient in terms of location. It’s as close as you can get to classes unless you live in the Quad. The building is quite old, so the rooms can look a little run down. The elevator can be really slow, but the closeness to everything makes up for it. The doubles can vary in sizes, but some are very big. It’s really nice to have common space (albeit it being small) to do work and be alone sometimes. The kitchen is very functional (especially with electric stovetops) and there is generally a lot of storage space.

People complain that there’s a mouse problem, but some suites have never seen a mouse before (and no, it’s not because they’re clean). Maybe if you’re worried about mice, try to live on a higher floor and don’t keep food out. The closets are kind of small in a lot of the suites, especially because it’s the old, dark brown furniture and some walk in closets are weirdly structured.

Resident Opinions: 

  • “Very convenient, not the most comfortable suite (no ac, rat infestation, kinda grimy) but it’s so close to everything that it’s worth it.”
  • “3.5/5 stars.”
  • “The suite itself is nice but it’s really hard living with so many people in a small space (3 doubles) and negotiate cleaning the suite, bathrooms, and keeping the kitchen clean.”
  • “If I had a dollar every time at least one of the two SLOW  elevators weren’t working…”
  • “If you end up living here, take advantage of the lounge. It’s always empty and the couches are soooooo comfortable.”
  • “It’s cool having Actual Residents in the building. I live next to a sweet old lady and a parrot.”

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